Culling and choosing

Leave the stress of photo culling behind. Along with, you can save your nerves that would take you to cull you images and reinvest them in developing your photo career and business. All you need is to send us the order with all of your works, and our team of professionals will select the best looking ones for you and your clients with care.

Our specialists work individually with each client. We will help you to find a manager who will fulfill all your needs and requirements. You will receive a high quality for not expensive photo editing prices that start at Rs 5.00 per picture.

The culling photos is the 1st step in post-production photo editing. It is difficult to complete, the entire course seems to be somehow painful, and many postpone it. It requires a lot of time and patience. In order to facilitate this work, you need to implement it systematically, which defines the algorithm of the actions.

Why do you need our photo culling services?

20 000 US photographers have already chosen our service to simplify their work. We work in this business since 2013. Everyday we usually receive thousands of photos at a time for photo culling.  Our qualified experts work with each client individually and are always open to learn new techniques. You can ensure in our professionalism viewing retouch examples and reading new articles about photography and photo postproduction trends in our photo editing blog.

Are you ready to save time?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have, just click this button! We’re happy to answer any questions you have, just click this button!

Included in Standard Color Correction

Cropping & Straightening

Selective cropping to remove distractions near the edges of the frame. We tend to avoid heavy cropping to retaining your original composition.

Image Details

Sharpening & Noise reduction to get those images looking crisp and clean.

Exposure and Color

We carry out global adjustments in Exposure, Contrast, Highlights and Shadows to get a well exposed image. We will aim for a neutral to slightly warm color Temperature.


5 – 15% of your photo set in Black & White or Sepia versions. Our editors pick out your truly amazing captures, and bring them to life in monochromes.

Included in High End Photo Editing

Split Tones

Give an artistic touch to your images with a Vintage look.

Eye Sharpening

Tack sharp eyes that just draw you into the Portraits.

Blemish Removal

Get rid of pimples, cuts and razor marks with the the Blemish Removal tool.

Skin Smoothening

Use Skin Smoothening to make your Bridal Portraits look super fab.

Dodging and Burning

The go to technique to make those difficult lighting images look great.

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